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In keeping with our core vision of helping small businesses "accomplish more with less" we strive to create innovative ways to provide the highest quality printing products at better than competitive prices.

A New Way of Business - "Consider the interest of others above your own."

Is it possible in today's ultra competitive environment? Our hope is that when a Business Center client looks back 2 weeks, 2 months or even two years from the date of a purchase, there will remain a sense they were treated fairly, honestly and received real value. It is with this kind of commitment to customer service we intend to grow our business and attract a loyal client base.

Collaborative Printing

In 2006 the Business Center, through its subsidiary, Navigator Publishing, embarked on a new and very exciting program designed to help small "tourism related" businesses afford to participate in the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor's literature distribution system. The Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce (Mass) and the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council (RI) maintain approximately 80 literature Kiosks located in key tourism sites from Worcester to Providence. Initially funded by the BRV National Heritage Corridor the program has been a great success, but sometimes financially out of reach of the small business or non-profit museum or historical site.

The Business Center program brings 12 businesses together to "collaborate" on the print run. In the business, it's called "gang printing" - printing more than one job at the same time. It's a standard business practice for a printer, it saves setup time and money. But rarely are the savings passed on to the customer.

With our collaborative program, we print 12 different 4x9 "rack cards" - two sided and full color. A total of 60,000 cards are printed at a time. Each business receives 5,000 cards at the 60,000 unit price reducing the cost by more than half. This is a perfect example of our overall philosophy, to help small businesses accomplish more with less. The cost savings can then be directed to other marketing projects - extending the client's budget. In the case of small tourism businesses, the savings can go to paying the fees associated with distributing the literature.

The vision of the Business Center is to expand these kinds of collaborative ventures to direct mail programs, collaborative advertising and programs designed to help non-tourism related businesses as well.

We Offer A Full Product Line

From one to 1,000,000, we offer quality products, in a timely manner. Free delivery within the Blackstone River Valley. Call or e-mail and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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