Blackstone Valley Business Center

Video Productions

The Blackstone Valley Business Center is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration with Ariel Communications - a full-service video production company located in Whitinsville, MA. Ariel Communications is an award-winning video and interactive design company with expertise in communicating product benefits to end users and target audiences. This results oriented project management team uses a creative approach to problem-solving. Regardless of the size of your company or current marketing strategy Ariel Communications can create a program to meet your budget needs.

Creative director, Keith Ariel has assembled a team of industry professionals In graphic design, video production, interactive design and audio production bringing world-class media creation to our Blackstone Valley.

For more information contact:

Keith Ariel

Streaming Media

The future of on-line home viewing is here! "US Broadband Penetration Nears 70% Among Active Internet Users"

- Forrester Research

"Visitors stayed at websites that used video 78% longer than websites that did not have video." "86 percent of website visitors stay to listen to and/or watch a streaming media presentation."

- Real Networks

Mass Realty Tours specializes in providing affordable, professional streaming video showcases of real estate properties in the Massachusetts area. This is a professionally filmed, edited video tour done by our experts who are experienced in the field of video production and streaming media.

Differentiate Your Listings

A streaming video tour allows you to personally guide buyers through your listings 24 hours a day. They allow you, the listing agent, to point out and highlight unique features of your properties on a room by room basis. While a virtual tour, pictures and text can tell some of the story, it cannot compare with the impact and immersion into the home that a narrated walk-through tour can provide.

Differentiate Yourself

Sellers are looking for agents and agencies that are going to do everything they can to help sell their home. How about letting your sellers know that you will be sending over a professional video production crew to create a mini-movie of their home? Streaming video production is a very powerful tool to separate you from other agents and agencies.

Deliver Cutting Edge Technology

With broadband internet access finally reaching critical mass, the internet is rapidly becoming the ideal delivery mechanism to deliver on-demand video. Buyers are using the power of high speed internet at an increasing rate to do research on homes and other major purchases. They expect to be provided with the latest tools in on-line technology to aid them in their search. In today's competitive market, buyers have a wide selection of homes and agents to choose from. This innovative and powerful new marketing tool will help to distinguish your properties and yourself from other realtors.

Not just for houses anymore...

Why spend thousands for a commercial that plays a few times a week during off hours. You now have the ability to create a customized message for your company and stream it on your website 24/7. The marketing landscape has changed, more and more people everyday our relying on the internet for their product and service information. Put your message to work for you all day, everyday with on-line streaming media from a company with the experience and expertise to make the difference.