Blackstone Valley Business Center


Web Design Solutions by WebMAX

In partnership with the Blackstone Valley Business Center, WebMAX provides various web solutions. Having a quality website is becoming more and more a vital element of a successful business. The internet is increasingly becoming the medium by which people find companies to provide them with products and services and also how they communicate and learn about a business they currently work with. This being the case, a presence on the internet has become a very important aspect of a modern business. However, even in this age, saying you "need" a web site is an overstatement. Why would a company that provides web design solutions say that? Because at WebMAX we provide web design "solutions". If our services can't solve a problem your company is facing or provide a key service to your customers then we don't want to give you what you don't need to succeed.

What we do want to do is sit down with your company and evaluate how our services could be beneficial. Maybe you already know what you want or maybe you'd like us to evaluate your current business situation. We can offer suggestions and consultation on the ever-evolving complexities of the internet.

"Advancing technology always reduces prices and increases productivity". "The key however, is to embrace the technology that makes business more efficient and to avoid the technologies that hold you back. Many service providers actually resist offering better solutions because they believe it will cost them short-term revenues. At the Business Center, although we are a service provider, we represent the small business first. We look at interests that benefit the small business community first, before our own. With this approach, collaboration and partnerships quickly come in to focus as a small business solution. We believe we will benefit in the long run by providing better solutions. All of our partners, then, must be committed to providing the best solutions at the best prices."

A case in point is in the growing area of integrated website design and management. It is very affordable to create a website with a content management system that any person can manage, with minimal computer skills. This allows small business to update their web sites, keeping customers informed and costs down. This is just one of the ways we empower the small business to help themselves, which can literally save you thousands." If any of this sounds of interest, please contact the Business Center.


Does this service sound appealing? Visit our WebMax page for more details on a cost efficient way to obtain a web presence. Yet another way the Blackstone Valley Business Center can service you.